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Welcome to Nypro AB!

Nypro AB has developed and installs process-controlled automatic cultivation systems with a strong environmental profile under its brand QS GreenBox.

We work together with our clients to construct systems that meet their specific requirements, designing installations that use well-tried solutions, based on our experience from our own production.
The technology has been developed over many years and has been used in many different cultivation installations.

• Cultivation of forest plants
• Lettuces and herbs
• Seedlings of decorative growths and flowers

QS GreenBox - is a closed compact process-based cultivation system in which the cultivation parameters are controlled by the operator. The user can exploit his or her cultivation experience, or be assisted by cultivation experts, in the creation of an optimized cultivation method that is used to grow the same constantly high quality - time and time again. And it is all automated with a minimum effort from the operator.

The compact and closed production method excludes pests and cultivation can take place completely without pesticides. The nutrients circulate and nutrient loss is minimised. Even the energy used for lighting the cultivation can be recycled and used for heating or transferred to another heat-requiring process. These characteristics give positive environmental benefits, and financial boost to the cultivation.

Nypro AB thanks Holmen Skog AB’s Nursery in Friggesund, Hälsingland for its order of
1 x QS GreenBox production line with a batch capacity of 2 million plants.
Production will begin in early 2013


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