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QS GreenBox–Mobile

QS GreenBox–Mobile is a complete mobile growing system contained in a portable modular unit, for example a freight container, that can produce clean products with reliable results in any climate zone in the world. Cultivation begins when you set the values for temperature, humidity, pH, Lt, etc. using the control system’s touch screen. Using these values as the base, the system can then produce completely independently for several weeks without requiring human intervention.

The system mixes nutrients and controls the climate according to the set values. The irrigation system, which features an integrated weighing function, weighs the plants and if the minimum weight is not achieved, starts an irrigation cycle in the system. The function ensures that the correct irrigation intervals are maintained throughout the course of the cultivation.

QS GreenBox–Stationary

There are versions of the system for both potted products and plant cassettes. The system can be installed in industrial or other large buildings that have a greater ceiling height than 5 m. The grow system is closed and nutrients circulate through it. Each grow line is contained in its own climate tent, which means that parallel lines can have different climates, at the same time as no pests or spores can enter the line. This allows cultivation completely without use of biological and chemical pesticides.

Because of the large lighting installation needed for these large systems, you should locate them close to a customer/user of the heat that can benefit from the recycled lighting energy that is produced by the system in parallel with the plants. The recycling ration can reach as high as 90% when the energy balance is good. This makes production into a very green enterprise with all-year cultivation. The very low water need is another positive effect of the closed-system cultivation, meaning that the water consumption per produced unit is very low. These are very valuable benefits in areas where clean water is in short supply.

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