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Nypro AB is located 20 kilometres to the south of Sundvall, Sweden and is a technological company specialising in closed-system, process-controlled growing systems. The company has a small and flexible organisation, with a broad base of external partners, who collaborate to the extent needed by the size of the project in project groups, in addition to selected consultants and suppliers. Our low overheads and flexible project groups mean that we can work just as efficiently on large and small projects that are customised to our customers' needs.

Nypro AB’s concept has been to develop the company’s product base in order to meet new markets in Growing Chambers, City Farming and Integrated Cultivation.


Nypro AB has developed its cultivation system technology over a period of many years, and during the same period has also used the technology in its production of lettuces and herbs, forest plants and various flowering and decorative plants. The close collaboration within the company between the technical development and production has meant that all development could be tested and evaluated over long periods, giving valuable feedback to the developers.

From 2000-2006 all cultivation was the responsibility of our subsidiary QS Odlingssystem AB and the produce was sold under its own brand Qlockar. Its customers were supermarket chains such as ICA, Axfood and Coop.
In 2004 we started development of the forest plant system, and test and licence crops were grown in partnership with Holmen Skog, Bergvik Skog, SCA Skog, etc.
In 2010 we sold the production facility at Njurunda and the business of reference production at Nypro was concluded. This gave us the opportunity to concentrate further on the work of developing the system to market maturity.

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